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Hello, this is my story of being a talented rugby player with a prosperous future ahead of him to then getting caught in the grip of progressive illness (addiction) to mood-changing, mind-altering substance and gambling for 20 years, surviving an attempt on his life,...



From the second I awake I already know the route my day will take. It is always the same. Mundane. I try to think that maybe it will different today in some way. As if. I'm stuck in lockdown. I look around. Even the sky looks sad. What's the point? Nothing is going to...



Everything I am facing is so demanding I’ve no idea whether I’m sinking or standing I can look focussed but I’m stuck in a daze Wondering how all this mess can be erased I never thought I would be tangled in this web Just as the old things are locked in the shed I...



My story is one of someone who is now celebrating many years of freedom from the guilt of adultery and divorce, and the pain of rejection and low self-esteem. I was raised in a fairly steady home and, being the eldest of 5 siblings, I would help my Mum a lot in the...



My story began with a generally happy and stable childhood – I have an older brother and holidays were spent with family and numerous aunties, uncles and cousins playing out in the fields and generally having a good time. My mum was Irish; one of 12 children, so there...



My story is not one of addiction or abuse, it is one of a pretty normal life. A good upbringing, I was close to both parents, my Dad had a demanding job and my Mum was full time at home and both were very dedicated to giving us the best start in life in different ways...


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