Everything I am facing is so demanding
I’ve no idea whether I’m sinking or standing
I can look focussed but I’m stuck in a daze
Wondering how all this mess can be erased

I never thought I would be tangled in this web
Just as the old things are locked in the shed
I don’t always see colour but shades of grey
I also know that it won’t be forever this way

Sometimes I feel weak and that I don’t belong
The truth is that I do and pledge myself to remain strong
I have been behind this door before
I hold the key to unlock it
I tell myself “I can do this” – I can!

It can be a real struggle climbing the hill of doubt
So I shout and scream at it and give it a clout
I’m in control
I will do this
Just watch and see
The blackness won’t stop me from being free

Small steps forward no matter how micro they are
They take me from here to there and that’s quite far
The tiniest spark still lights up the dark
I can believe I am stuck
But that flicker says “nope”
That my friend is your glimmer hope
It is light in your darkness to carry you through
Reminding that this place isn’t for you

Just remember that this is to you and I said
“Though darkness is now there are blue skies ahead!”
Just remember my friend
Wherever you are right now
It is not the end
It’s the beginning of your journey to freedom and discovery