From the second I awake
I already know the route my day will take.
It is always the same.
I try to think that maybe it will different today
in some way.
As if.
I’m stuck in lockdown.
I look around.
Even the sky looks sad.
What’s the point?
Nothing is going to change.
Well, it doesn’t feel like it will within my range
any time soon.
Doom and gloom.
It’s everywhere.
I have no energy left to care.
I’m sad and I’m lonely.
Lately always thinking
“If only.”
If only what?
What are my thoughts?
When I focus on the negative
I’m not productive.
I do nothing.
Doing nothing makes me feel worse
A vicious cycle that becomes a curse.
I am the creator
of my own behaviours.
Time to …
the switch.
Sit back and take notice.
Reflect and review.
The thought in my head is
“Change the bed.”
I can’t be bothered.
What have I just covered?
Ok. I am going to complete the task.
You may ask.
You can’t beat getting in to a fresh clean bed at the end of the night.
It makes me feel good.
That’s right.
I feel better.
Good thoughts, feelings and behaviours have affected
my behaviours, my feelings and my thoughts. They’re connected.
It isn’t easy to overcome
but when we do
It’s another battle won.
Spread the positive vibe
and change how you feel inside.